Rates & Insurances

BUPA registered provider, no: 30047374

AXAPPP no: LS02234

Aviva no: 600108078

[my rates for insurance work may vary from my private practice rates]

Fees and Cancellation Policy

My charge is £55.00 per session from 9am to 5pm [sessions are 50 mins]

                     £60.00 per session From 5pm to 9pm [sessions are 50 mins]

Payment by cash, cheque or balance transfer


My cancellation policy: A minimum 48 hours notice needed to avoid full payment of fees.


As I'm sure you understand I have to have a cancellation policy and sincerely hope that it is never or very rarely necessary. It is very important that you feel you are able to commit to a counselling relationship and more importantly able to make a commitment to yourself. Valuing oneself is a crucial element and aspiration of the counselling process whether in a brief intervention/short term work such as 4 to 10 sessions or longer term/open ended work.


Please contact me if you would like to discuss anything in more detail or you need more information.