About us

Life is a journey........... I'm always amazed at how often I have to remind myself of that. What happens to us, appears to shape us. Human beings seem very efficient at quickly adopting all manor of untrue, unhealthy, distorted and 'absolute' negative thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and others, usually without ever really questioning them.


However, thoughts are not facts & beliefs are not facts; I could trip over in the street or get someone's name wrong, and say to myself, 'you stupid fool!' or 'you idiot'! But does that mean that I then have to call myself a 'stupid fool' and 'idiot' for the rest of my life?-No. 


I understand that the situations we find ourselves in are not as simple and basic as I have illustrated above. And I'm not trying to be flippant or trivialise how horrendous, overwhelming and debilitating psychological distress can be. But, what I am passionate about is helping people to help themselves; helping people to recognise that we all have a great 'untapped' potential and that we don't have to carry around an old suitcase of emotional baggage from the past to punish ourselves with and project onto current everyday situations- as this can lead to a distorted view of ourselves and others. [A type of behaviour that quite often, we don't seem to have any knowledge or control over].


A good example of this is when a difficult life event or series of difficult life events in a short space of time can trigger or reawaken past traumas and 'stuff' we thought we had processed and dealt with previously. Our low mood and negative self-evaluation, then just keeps being reinforced and we get stuck in a vicious circle [or a tangled ball of barbed wire]. Common reactions are to either switch off [and metophorically hide in a dark hole] or we stress and worry- or both! Which can often result in feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.  


I would always recommend that you have an initial assessment session before commiting to working with any therapist. As building a secure and trusting, collabrorative relationship with a mutually agreed focus and goals, which are consistently reviewed, are essential to the process.


If at any point during our work together I felt that your needs were not best met by myself, I would endeavour to refer you onwards to another therapist or organisation that I trust.   


Laurence Swain BACP [Accred] 571438


UKCP registared independent practictioner

Advanced diploma in therapeutic, integrative counselling.

Certificated in Supervision (I volunteer in a Hospice)

NICE/BACP/IAPT qualified specialist counsellor for depression. [CfD]

Certificated in CBT. [I see NLP and life coaching as a derivative of CBT]

Trained in Hypnosis through BSCAH [I occasionally use the principles of hypnosis as a tool, rather than a treatment, usually as a way of helping clients learn to better understand their early manifestations of anxiety and how to more easily relax in the here and now]

I also draw on aspects and techniques from Mindfulness, Meditation, Guided imagery and Relaxation.

Continued professional development [CPD] in line with the code of ethics, confidentiality proceedures, safe conduct and ethical practice guidlines of the BACP. Fully insured as required.

I am also a recognised service provider for BUPA, no: 30047374

                                                           AXAPPP, no: LS02234

                                                              Aviva, no: 600108078