Welcome to Laurence Swain Counsellor/Psychotherapist



I am a professionally qualified and experienced 'integrative' counsellor and psychotherapist accredited by the BACP. As an integrative counsellor I have a broad understanding of most of the main therapeutic models. This means that I can tailor the therapy to suit the unique needs of each person by drawing on aspects and techniques from a number of different approaches.


I firmly believe that by providing a safe, confidential and non judgemental environment we can work as a team to help you gain fresh perspectives, consider new possibilities and make some of the changes necessary to improve your life.


I specialise in working with adults struggling with 'depression' [low mood] and 'anxiety' [stress and worry]. I recognise how distressing and overwhelming these feelings are and how they affect self esteem, confidence and have a destructive impact on our general sense of wellbeing and functioning.


My belief is that difficult life events, past and present, can often leave us feeling nervous, fearful, vulnerable, lonely and with little interest or pleasure in doing things.

When there is no sense of purpose or meaning in our lives we understandably lose hope.

I want to help you to discover that hope. 


My aim and goal as a therapist is to seek to understand your experience of life from your perspective and help you gain clarity and understanding as to why you are feeling, thinking and behaving in the way you are.


I like to work on two levels, firstly gaining an understanding of your story whilst also looking at practical ideas and techniques that you can phase in and embed into your daily life immediately, that you can draw from, for the rest of your life.


The thought of making changes is often difficult and scary but not impossible, always sticking with what seems familiar, staying within our comfort zones and avoiding things only gives temporary relief from anxiety and depression, in my experience.

I do not find labelling or diagnosing people helpful, we are all born perfect; generally speaking we are all a product of our environment, we can quickly develop bad habits and unhelpful and untrue beliefs about ourselves and others that become fixed, automatic, unquestioned and out of our conscious awareness.


                          Habits are hard to break!